the jersey barnyard

Monday, March 30, 2009

We went to the Jersey Barnyard on a field trip for school. It is a dairy farm in La Grange, Tx. Here is Belle, the cow. She's the cow that appears at the end of the Bluebell ice cream commercials. You know that shot at the end where the cow is being led across the field...this is her and that's filmed at this barnyard. And that little tidbit is only interesting because we (my family & all my close friends) are all obsessed with Bluebell!
Little piglets getting fed. There is a reason we give our kids the nickname "piglets." These little ones have no manners and are quite crazy at mealtime.
Getting to feed a rabbit a cheerio. There was lots of interaction with the animals on this trip. I really liked that.
He is just posing for me, wasn't he?
She got to feed the goats too.
Something about the turkeys was making them all crack up. I think they were trying to intimidate us, but it just seemed funny.
We visited the babies!
And fed one a bottle. So sweet!
And we had to milk a cow during our visit. Here is "Peanut." She was so kind and tolerant to let all of these kids yank on her. ;)
It was a fun trip to the farm. We found some bluebonnets too. I love the hill country.


SueSue said...

What a fun day! Looks like this wasn't your ordinary petting zoo!! How neat they got to go together!

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