gotta love sisters

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I got to take a ton of pictures on a recent trip to Fredricksburg. That town is so charming. This sisters shot is priceless to me.

She appeases me from time to time and I love that about her.

This little one wanted to do her own thing. I have no idea what's she's doing or thinking in these photos...but they are still funny to me.

And on that same day...I was loving time with my own sister! I am so happy that she is in Austin for the summer because she lives in Virginia right now. And I miss her like crazy all the time! Here is my fam - mom & dad, sis and cool brother-in-law, Andrew.


Kristi Billingsley said...

I love your blog Kendall! Your photos are amazing! You have a God given gift!
You have inspired me!
Love the siter pictures of your girls!

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