mommy & daughter salon day

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have been waiting to cut this child's hair for a long time.  We had to have it long enough to put back for the recital.  Now summer is here & that called for a cute bob!  I found a deal online where I could take her to my salon and, with my haircut, she'd be free.  Sweet!  We just had to make it a mommy/daughter date.
She enjoyed a milkshake on the ride home. On the way back, I'm thinking (for the first time) what have I gotten myself into?? She can't get used to the fancy salon at age 3. Oh well, she's the she could use some extra-pampering, I concluded.
I should be embarrassed to admit this...but after all my haircuts I take a photobooth picture with my computer of the front & back. I always send it to my mom and sister...all girls do this, right? I also do it so that I can aspire to fix my hair like the stylist does. Anyways, she had to join me in my tradition and end our date with a few more pics.


The Blanton Bunch said...

absolutely precious! What a sweet memory. I could come by on Tuesday. Dis you have fun at the lake? I miss you, it has been a while.

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