the end of another era

Saturday, September 26, 2009

There has been a little less crawling lately.
In exchange for a little more walking!
When you add up how old she is (15 months), this whole walking thing has been slow to come. But I've said this before here, and it is still true...I'm just not in any hurry for this one to grow up. I'm probably raising a slacker-baby, but I'm okay with that (heehee). (Wow, that onesie really doesn't fit anymore. See...there's even evidence of my denial in how I dress her.)
Really, we are all excited around here to watch her first toddles! I get reports all throughout the day, "Mom, she just took 6 steps!!" It's not going to get old for a little while, I think.

Flu update: Our middle daughter is feeling better and is currently fever-free. Hallelujah!


brittany said...

awesome! She was just waiting for the perfect moment.

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