I needed to take some pictures today.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love this little camera that Mary & the kids gave her.
I've just got to teach her how to use it!
She's been giving me a lot of "fives" lately.
I love it and she thinks she is amazing whenever she does it.
I'm always suckered by little toes.
She's a fun sweetie.
Well, this one too.
Just the 3 of us on another day at home. We've been home a lot lately and I've enjoyed these little moments. It has given me a little perspective on how much we are running, running all the time...I've been thinking about that today.


Parkhurst Studios said...

love the reflection in the last shot! great eye kendall :)

Ashley Self said...

I love these pictures. so precious. also i am stealing the ikea table idea :)

SueSue said...

This picture immediately reminded me of this very famous painting by dutch painter, Jan van Eyck -- The Wedding or the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait. I'll try to put a link here. If it doesn't work Google it. I studied it in Art History classes at UT. All that to say, I think you may be an artistic genius! :-)


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