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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I wanted to document our impromptu mommy-daughter date from this weekend. I wish I could say this was planned & purposeful time with her. Honestly, I saw a coupon for a free cookie and kid's hot chocolate at Barnes & just sounded like fun. On Saturday, while the other two were napping, we slipped away for a little time together. I am so glad that we did.
I gave her some money and she enjoyed purchasing the cookie-the-size-of-her-face, all by herself. She loves acting grownup. There are little adventures, like this, that are fun to witness. She was also proud of her whip-cream mustache.
We looked at books. I tried to be really excited about all of them (not so subtly trying to encourage a love for reading). The excitement rubbed off on her & she wanted to buy a load of books right then and there. I didn't see this coming (all the way)...and then had to act really excited about the library! This was when she got her first lesson on taking notes of book titles & authors, "We'll look them up at the library for free, honey, & we'll be able to enjoy more that way!" (wink, wink)

Next, she wanted to go to Oo La La. It's so funny to me that she loves this store. The truth is...the store owner bought her affection with lollipops. On this trip, her loyalty was sealed forever when the store owner gave her a "V.I.P" pin, which ensured that she could have as many lollipops as she wanted the next time she came in. That lady is brilliant!
As a little treat, I bought her a little beaded ring. We thought it was cute.
I got this one photo of her before we left. I see a hint of sweetness & a little mischievousness, behind that smile. It is so "her" to me.


Parkhurst Studios said...

you are a GREAT mom!!! what a fun day yall had!

SueSue said...

I'm so glad you got to do that! Know you both had a ball. Yes, I know "that look." Watch out! :-)

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