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Friday, July 30, 2010

A little while back my cousin, Ashley, wrote a post including an old cousins photo.  She was shocked that I didn't comment on the incredibly flattering photo of myself.  :)  Well, here's my response.  Ash, as you enjoy the flashbacks that I can offer...just remember you opened this door.  Heehee.
The 4 of us grew up close.  I loved sharing childhood with my cousins and sister.  I'm still so grateful that they are close and we are still making memories.


Ashley said...

oh cuz! you made me laugh!!! i was showing payton and she was confused when i was telling her that was her mommy. thanks for the laugh......until the next post!!!

brittany said...

wow, are you wearing nude panty hose with your crimp rolled pants and awesome bangs?!!

Rachel Erwin said...

Things that make me laugh in these photos:
In the one at our house-
-I am the only one w/o a curly fro!
-Ashy looks really sad! The candy drawer must have been empty this visit. :)

In the one at Nanny and Papa's-
-Look at KC's short pants!
-Is she wearing one of those balloon clips in her hair???
-How many differnt colors and textures am I wearing that Christmas?

Love these! So glad we got that couch from our house in a photo too. That thing rocked.

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