Yes, we sense trouble ahead…

Saturday, July 31, 2010

If you are the baby of the family, I imagine it’s tempting to want to always be treated as the baby. You get a lot of attention and spoiling.  Well, when you are 2…you just flat out admit it.

Yes, we are totally raising our eyebrows at this and can see that there is trouble ahead for us. As my mom articulated, ”She has your number! Just wait till she’s a teenager and she wants that expensive prom dress. She’ll pull out this argument.” Little does she know that she has 2 first-borns for parents…and we can see through this completely.

But for now we will laugh and chuckle at her honesty. This is the on-going discussion we’ve been having this week:
“Don’t you know you are a big girl now?”
“No! I’m momma’s baby!”

And fake sneezing is hilarious.


SueSue said...

Oh my goodness!! We're all in trouble. Can't wait to play the sneezing giggles for TGO. Knowing in your head she may milk this deal because you're a first born, I predict, will have very little to do with how you respond when she "pulls the baby card" in the store with the expensive prom (or wedding -- YIKES!) dress! xoxo
P.S. But I'll refrain from an "I told you so." (maybe...:-) )

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